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25 Habits of People Who Are Happy, Healthy, And Successful

25 Habits of People Who Are Happy,
Healthy, And Successful

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Wow, what a heated political climate we live in! If you read the newspaper or listen to the news you could really get depressed. No one wants to feel down, so I came up with some gems that might help all of us stay happy, healthy and successful.

25 Habits of People Who Are Happy, Healthy & Successful

  1. They don't hold grudges.
  2. They think outside the box.
  3. They go by a routine and make exercise a part of it. It takes practice to develop healthy habits and stick with them. Once you do, your internal foundation will be strong.
  4. They have a supportive tribe, thereby not wasting time with negative or toxic people.
  5. They don't care about what others think. Does a tiger lose sleep over the opinion of sheep?
  6. They don't people please.
  7. They see difficult and challenging situations as opportunities for personal growth.
  8. They consider handling rejection a skill and are resilient.
  9. They make time for themselves. Whether it's getting eight hours of sleep every night, finding 15 minutes to read the newspaper in peace or an hour to go to the gym, they make it a priority - just like everything else. When you take care of yourself, you have a bigger impact on others.
  10. They are spiritual. This doesn't necessarily mean religious. It could mean setting aside time for reflection through yoga or meditation.
  11. They practice deep breathing.
  12. They know there isn't such a thing as "having it all", and they're happy about that. Wouldn't the world be a boring place for them otherwise?
  13. Fear doesn't hold them back. They're ready to take risks.
  14. They know how to say "NO" and don't hold back. These people have learned to set boundaries. Plenty of them.
  15. They learned a great deal from other people whom they admire. Either they had a great mentor, or they took note of how those they aspired to be like handled various situations.
  16. They follow their inner guidance. Not only do they have a vision, but they follow it.
  17. They give without expecting anything in return.
  18. They aren't pretentious or conceited.
  19. Passion is what drives them. They authentically believe in what they're doing.
  20. They don't complain.
  21. They live by their core values in both their professional and personal lives.
  22. They're happy to swim against the tide.
  23. They finish what they start.
  24. They don't compare themselves to other people.
  25. They want you to succeed, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick one or two qualities you would like to develop or improve on in your own life. You have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain!

Yours in Health,
Dr. Daren


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