Be Good To Yourself

Be Good To Yourself

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Dear Friends,     

I recently read an interesting article by Dr. Joseph Mercola regarding the staggering number of Seniors that are injured by traditional medical care. I often tell patients that there is a place for traditional medicine, particularly in instances of medical emergencies. But all too often I see patients being prescribed yet another drug, with yet another side-effect that also may interact with other prescription medications being taken. Friends, this can be a recipe for disaster and a further decline in health.

These healthy lifestyle guidelines can go a very long way toward keeping you well and preventing chronic disease of all kinds:

  1. Keep your spine adjusted: A subluxation ("pinched nerve") adversely affects the transmission of normal nerve impulses, which can lead to numerous health problems.
  2. Proper food choices: Avoid processed food and eat organic foods as much as possible
  3. Regular exercise: Even a 30 minute walk will do a body good!
  4. Stress reduction: Create space in your day to sit quietly, pray, meditate, enjoy nature, etc
  5. Drink plenty of clean water
  6. Maintain a healthy gut: Research is stacking up to show that probiotics (beneficial bacteria) affect your health in countless ways. A healthy diet is the easiest way to maintain a healthy gut, along with consuming fermented foods such as sauerkraut.
  7. Optimize your Vitamin D levels: Research shows that increasing Vitamin D levels can reduce your risk of death from ALL causes.
  8. Get plenty of high-quality sleep

Isn't it great to know that YOU can take control of your health and minimize your risk of potential harm by medical care? Helping you get healthy and then maintaining good health is my priority.

Yours in Health, 
Dr. Bowlby


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